5e Toll Of The Dead: A Guide To Epic Adventure And Combat

This adventure takes players on a journey through a haunted keep, filled with monsters, traps, and puzzles. Players will explore the haunted keep and come face-to-face with strange creatures as they attempt to uncover the truth behind its mysterious past. Along the way, they will encounter powerful allies and dangerous enemies who can help or hinder them in their quest. Whether you are new to Dungeons and Dragons or a long time fan of the game, Toll of the Dead 5e provides an exciting adventure that will challenge even the most seasoned adventurers. So grab your dice and prepare for an unforgettable journey into a world of danger and mystery!

Toll of the dead 5e

Introduction To Toll Of The Dead 5e

Toll of the Dead is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure that takes place in the realm of Théah. The realm is a place where death has been forgotten but not gone, where the living struggle against their own mortality and a powerful force known as the “Toll” that seeks to bring death back into the world. The players must brave the dangerous lands of Théah and battle monsters, villains, and powerful forces to save their world from an eternal darkness.

Character Creation

Creating a character in Toll of the Dead 5e requires players to select from one of seven races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Elf and Half-Orc. Once a race has been selected players may then choose one of 11 classes: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer and Wizard. Finally players will customize their character with skills and feats as well as select equipment such as weapons or armor.

Basic Rules

The basic rules for playing Toll of the Dead are similar to those found in other editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Players use dice to determine success or failure when attempting tasks such as hitting an enemy with a sword or casting spells. Additionally they roll dice to determine damage inflicted on enemies during combat encounters or healing received by allies during rest periods. Players also use their characters’ ability scores to modify these rolls as necessary.

Classes And Races

Each class in Toll of the Dead 5e has its own unique features that set it apart from other characters in terms of capabilities and playstyle. Barbarians are fierce warriors who specialize in dealing massive amounts of damage while Bards provide support through songs and stories. Clerics draw power from divine forces while Druids draw power from nature itself. Fighters are versatile combatants who can specialize in various weapon styles while Monks are martial artists who rely on agility rather than strength or weapons for combat prowess. Paladins are holy warriors who serve justice while Rangers are skilled scouts who excel at navigating difficult terrain and tracking enemies through it all. Rogues specialize in stealthy tactics while Sorcerers draw upon powerful magical energies within themselves and Wizards weave powerful spells from ancient knowledge stored away in their spellbook.

Equipment And Gear

Equipment plays an important role in any adventure – especially one of Toll Of The Dead 5e’s scope! Character equipment is made up both mundane items (such as swords or armor) as well as magical items (such as wands or rings). Characters can gain access to these items either through crafting them themselves using special materials found throughout Theah or through purchasing them at stores located throughout towns they visit on their adventures. Additionally characters may find themselves coming across special artifacts left behind by previous adventurers that have come before them – providing them with even more powerful equipment for use against their foes!

Spells And Magic Items

Spells play a major role within Toll Of The Dead 5e – giving characters access to potent abilities no mundane item could ever provide! Spells come in two varieties: arcane (cast by Wizards) or divine (cast by Clerics). Each spell comes with its own unique set of effects – ranging from healing allies to damaging enemies – allowing spellcaster to turn even seemingly impossible situations into favorable ones with just one cast! In addition to spells there are also Magic Items – wondrous objects imbued with potent effects that grant characters bonus effects when used such an extra attack per round or resistance against certain types of damage! Magic items come with their own limitations however – often requiring charges before they can be used again so be sure not to waste them during combat!

Combat Rules

The Toll of the Dead 5e rules provide a comprehensive guide to combat with detailed explanations of each step. The rules cover initiative, range and area effects, movement, spells, attacks and damage. They also provide advice on how to handle difficult situations such as surprise attacks, grappling and disarming opponents. Finally, there are rules for special combat maneuvers like tumbling and charging.

Monsters & NPC

The Toll of the Dead 5e includes a wide variety of monsters and non-player characters (NPC) to challenge your players. From powerful dragons to insidious cultists and from goblins to undead horrors, all these creatures have their own unique characteristics and abilities that need to be taken into account when engaging in combat or role-playing scenes. Some monsters also have special powers like casting spells or using breath weapons that demand careful preparation on the part of your players.

Character Advancement

The Toll of the Dead 5e provides an extensive set of rules for character advancement. Players can increase their ability scores, gain new skills and feats as they level up, acquire magical items or even become a dragonsborn! By carefully selecting which skills they increase at each level they can tailor their character’s strengths to fit their desired playstyle – whether it is melee combat, spellcasting or something else entirely.

Adventure Ideas & Locations

The Toll of the Dead 5e contains a wealth of adventure ideas based on its rich setting. Whether you’re looking for a classic dungeon crawl or an epic sea voyage there are plenty of possibilities available. The book also includes descriptions for various locations such as towns, dungeons and ruins that you can use as starting points for your own adventures or simply give you inspiration for creating something completely new!

D&D Tips & Strategies

Finally, the Toll of the Dead 5e provides some helpful advice for D&D who want to create exciting adventures for their players. It includes tips on how to create interesting encounters with unique challenges that test both your players’ skills and their ingenuity. It also covers some basic strategies such as balancing encounters with different types of enemies and using terrain features to add interest to battles.


Q: What kind of monsters are included in The Toll of the Dead?
A: The Toll of the Dead 5e includes a wide variety of monsters from powerful dragons to insidious cultists and from goblins to undead horrors all with different abilities suited for different kinds of challenges during combat or role-playing scenes.
Q: What kind character advancement options are available?
A: The Toll of the Dead 5e provides an extensive set of rules allowing characters to increase their ability scores, gain new skills and feats as they level up, acquire magical items or even become a dragonborn!

The Toll of the Dead 5e is a great way to introduce players to the world of Dungeons and Dragons, as it provides an easy-to-learn set of rules and mechanics, while still providing a challenging experience. The story is interesting and engaging, with plenty of roleplaying opportunities. With its unique setting, distinct monsters, and exciting combat scenarios, Toll of the Dead 5e is sure to provide hours of fun for all players.

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