5e Ring Of Mind Shielding A Comprehensive Guide

Ring of Mind Shielding 5e is a magical item found in the game that provides protection for its wearer from divination and mental effects. This magical item can be a great asset when engaging in battle against enemies with powerful magic. The ring grants the wearer resistance to psychic damage and immunity to any attempt to read their thoughts, emotions, or intentions. It also prevents the wearer from being charmed or frightened by magical effects. With Ring of Mind Shielding 5e, adventurers are sure to be better prepared for whatever challenges face them!

Ring of mind shielding 5e

Ring of Mind Shielding 5e is a magical item that provides its wearer with powerful protection against mental manipulation and intrusion. This item was introduced in the 5th edition of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game and is one of the most sought-after magic items in the game. It provides its user with a powerful layer of protection from mind-affecting spells, psychic damage, and other forms of mental manipulation or intrusion.

Benefits Of The Ring Of Mind Shielding 5e

The primary benefit of this ring is that it provides its user with complete immunity to all forms of mind control, mental manipulation, and psychic damage. This includes spells such as charm person, dominate person, suggestion, modify memory, detect thoughts, domination, and any other spell or effect that can manipulate or intrude on a creature’s mind. Additionally, it also grants its wearer resistance to psychic damage from creatures such as mind flayers or aboleths.

Crafting Requirements For Ring Of Mind Shielding 5e

In order to craft this powerful magical item it requires an Arcane focus such as a crystal ball or an orb, 1000gp worth of rare gems or metals such as gold or platinum, and the spell ‘Shield’ which must be cast upon each component in order to bind them together. The components must then be placed together inside a special container that has been prepared by an experienced alchemist or wizard who specializes in creating magical items.

Cost And Rarity Of The Ring

The cost for crafting this ring varies depending on the materials used but can range anywhere from 2000gp to 5000gp depending on how rare those materials are. Additionally, the rarity of this ring is considered very rare and only experienced wizards and alchemists who specialize in creating magical items have the knowledge necessary to craft it.

Attunement Procedure For The Ring

In order for a creature to attune with this powerful magic item they must first drink from a special elixir made using rare ingredients found only in certain parts of Faerun. Once ingested this elixir will bind their life force with that of the ring granting them access to its powers. After attuning with this item they will be able to use all its benefits without having to worry about anyone being able to take control over them via mental manipulation or intrusions into their minds.

Ring of Mind Shielding 5e is a powerful magical item with the ability to protect the user from mental manipulation and control. It grants the wearer protection from scrying, mind reading, charm, and other forms of magical influence. The ring can be worn by any creature capable of wearing a ring, and it functions similarly to a Shield spell.

Conditions And Effects Of The Ring

When the Ring of Mind Shielding 5e is equipped, it grants the wearer a bonus to their saving throws against any attempt to affect their mind. This bonus is equal to the wearer’s Proficiency bonus. Additionally, any creature that attempts to read or scry on the wearer must make an Intelligence saving throw or have their attempt blocked by the ring.

Limit To Number Of Uses Of The Ring

The Ring of Mind Shielding 5e can be used an unlimited number of times but only once per day. After each use, it takes 24 hours for it to recharge before it can be used again.

Disadvantages Of Using The Ring

There are no specific disadvantages associated with using this magical item as its effects are beneficial for anyone wearing it. However, if a creature knows that someone is wearing a Ring of Mind Shielding 5e they may target them specifically in order to bypass its effects. Additionally, this item does not protect against physical means such as torture or drugs which could be used to acquire information from someone wearing this item.

Additional Rules And Regulations

When using this magical item there are no additional rules or regulations regarding its use other than those already mentioned above. It should be noted that while this item offers great protection from mental manipulation and control, it cannot protect against physical means such as torture or drugs which could be used to acquire information from someone wearing this item. As such, caution should still be exercised when dealing with potentially hostile situations where one may need protection from these types of tactics.

FAQ & Answers:

Q: How long does it take for the Ring of Mind Shielding 5e to recharge after use?
A: The ring takes 24 hours for it to recharge before it can be used again after each use.


The Ring of Mind Shielding 5e is a great tool for any adventurer seeking protection from magical threats. It provides a powerful protection to the wearer and those around them, while still allowing them to use their magical abilities. The cost of the ring is well worth it given its capabilities, and it is an essential item for any character who wants to stay safe in dangerous situations. With the Ring of Mind Shielding 5e, adventurers can rest assured that they are protected from magical threats and can focus on their journey ahead.

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